Potato Salad w/Egg


1/3c sugar
1T cornstarch
1/2c milk
1/4c vinegar
1 egg
4T butter
3/4t celery seed
1/4t dry mustard
3/4t salt
1/4c chopped onion
1/4c mayo
7 medium potatoes, cooked, peeled, and diced
3 eggs, hard-boiled, chopped


1. In saucepan combine sugar & cornstarch; add milk, vinegar, 1 egg, butter, celery seed, mustard, and salt. Cook and stir over low heat until bubbly. Remove from heat; add onions and mayo. Cool.
2. Combine potatoes and hard-boiled eggs. Gently fold in dressing. Chill.

Seriously. My favorite. Complements of my mom and Good Housekeeping in 1970-something. Add celery, bacon (yuck), broccoli, cauliflower, cheese. Anything potato can be a meal. Back in 1970 it apparently served 6…as a meal, alone.lol


Turkey Brine – Traditional

Traditional Turkey BrineINGREDIENTS

1 gallon veggie broth
1c sea salt
1T dried sage
1T dried savory
1T dried rosemary
1T dried thyme
1T garlic
1c cooking sherry (optional)
1 gallon ice water


1. In a large stock pot, combine the vegetable broth, sea salt, sage, savory, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and sherry. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently to be sure salt is dissolved. Remove from heat, and let cool to room temperature.

2. When the broth mixture is cool, pour it into a clean 5 gallon bucket. Stir in the ice water.

3. Wash and dry your turkey. Make sure you have removed the innards. Place the turkey, breast down, into the brine. Make sure that the cavity gets filled. Place the bucket in the refrigerator overnight.

4. Remove the turkey carefully draining off the excess brine and pat dry. Discard excess brine.

5. Cook the turkey as desired reserving the drippings for gravy. Keep in mind that brined turkeys cook 20 to 30 minutes faster so watch the temperature gauge.

PS. These measurements are for a 12-15lb turkey.

Garlic Parmesan Turkey Burger


1lb Jenny-O Lean Ground Turkey
1 egg
1/4c Parmesan cheese, grated
2t garlic powder
1t onion powder


1. Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl. Cover and refrigerate. There really isn’t a time limit to this. I’ll do this in the morning for dinner, or 30 min before they go on the grill.

2. After making into four patties (something I don’t do…raw meat, ICK ICK ICK!!!), grill over medium heat for approx seven minutes on each side.


Pictured Above…

Arnolds Bakery Whole Wheat Slimwhich
Turkey Burger
Baby Swiss Cheese
Sauteed baby portabella mushrooms in garlic and butter
Avocado. Chopped and light sprinkled w/garlic and onion powder
1T mayo…yes, the REAL stuff


Veggie Pasta Salad – SUPER SIMPLE!!!

All this warm weather has got me thinking about summer time, grilling, raw veggies, pull out of the fridge…easy foods! And yes, when it comes to different sauces, I like different pastas. Alfredo is penne or bowtie, marinara sauce is thin spaghetti and penne most of the time, macaroni and cheese…you guessed it, and summer salads require rotini or macaroni noodles (depending on the sauce).


1 box Garden Delight rotini pasta (or any rotini, this is what I prefer)
1 head of broccoli, chopped
1 head of cauliflower, chopped
1 yellow pepper, chopped
1/2 sweet yellow onion, chopped
baby carrots (a hand full), chopped
1-1.5 bottle of Marzetti’s Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

ADDITIONAL INFO: This salad is not limited to just these veggies. If I’m making it for a group that I know like mushrooms and/or feta cheese, I’ll add them the day it’s being served. Green peppers, black olives, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers are also amazing in this. You can also use a zesty vinaigrette instead of the roasted garlic. Complements either way!!!

1. Prepare to make this a day a head.

2. Boil pasta per box instructions. Let cool and add the rest of your veggies to a large bowl with sealable lid. Yes, I say lid because I’ll store it over night upside down. Tupperware makes a great bowl for this salad. Add one bottle of vinaigrette, stir, and refrigerate over night.

3. The next morning/day… flip bowl upright, remove lid, stir, taste. Do you need more vinaigrette? Every thing will soak up the vinaigrette so be prepared to add more. Also, if you’re using mushrooms or feta this would be the time to add them. Refrigerate for approx 1-3 more hours and serve.