The three things I love the most it’s God, my kids and husband and of course cooking!

The love for God and cooking it’s my biggest inheritance from my Great Grandmother. I was blessed to grow up knowing her and enjoying her amazing cooking and love for God. I can still close my eyes and be transported back to when I was a little girl following her around the whole house as she moved around preparing everything from “scratch.” Yes, including her coconut oil, it was amazing seeing her at work. She never looked tired and made everything with love, and in this environment my love for cooking was born. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and moved to the USA at age 13 with my dad and 3 brothers. My mom didn’t have a visa, she had to stay in D.R. At this age I had to start cooking for my father and 3 brothers. Time passed and my love for cooking increased, but I never thought of making a career in cooking, until I was married and with my second second child. I decided to go to Le Cordon Blue and get a degree in Culinary Arts. While in school I participated in the ACF Culinary Competition and led my team to bronze medal as captain of my team. I was blessed to start working at a great Italian restaurant “da Campo Osteria” by Todd English. Here I was introduced to great Italian food yet “rustic,” and to the value of high quality ingredients. After a while working I missed my family because the hours were crazy and decided to teach myself cake decorating, left the restaurant and started my own cake business. I love doing this, but a great opportunity to teach at Miami Job Corp came along and I couldn’t say no. It wasn’t even about the money but about the kids they train there and all the great work they are doing to equip kids that other wise wouldn’t have a chance in life. As a Christian I felt that this is where God wanted me at this time in my life and as confirmation I was interviewed and got hired on the same day, even though they wanted someone with teaching experience and a bachelor’s degree. God beat the odd for me.

So here I am now, loving what I do and receiving great blessings! To add to my blessings, my friend Leda asked me to contribute to her blog and I was super honored that she asked me…obviously I said yes!!! She is the one with the picture taking/blogger quality, even thought I always wanted to blog, I was to afraid to start my own… she thinks I am doing her a favor by posting recipes in her blog, but in reality it’s the opposite…the blessing is mine. Oh and going back to my Great Grandma….All this is in her memory… i wish she was still here !


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