I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, grandchild, friend, realtor, and photographer…with a picky family, a MSG allergy, a gluten intolerance (discovered in 2013), and very little time.

Yes, I cook with butter, salt, sugar, flour. You’re allowed to hate me, I’m okay with that…but I also hide veggies. My kids know it, now, and accept it. Patience is waiting for a time that I don’t have to use my puree-er.

What you will find on here… meals that have been successful in my home. What you will not find is processed ingredients as a main ingredient to a meal. I can’t promise you won’t ever find a “can of soup” as an ingredient, but I can promise you it won’t be the main flavor. I do use a bread machine and kitchen gadgets that make my life easier, and I do make short-cuts at times…because we all need additional hours to our day.

Not a fan of standard exercise. I have never dieted. I eat healthy, chase my kids, and work my tail off.

Oh, and I don’t bake…unless I have to. And I don’t like to measure anything, but I will just for you. I also can not promise pictures with every recipe, and if there is…could be taken with my iPhone. I’m a lifestyle photographer, not a food photographer. 😉 But if you make one of my recipes, love it so much you take a picture of it, PLEASE feel free to email me and I’ll get it blogged!

my Grandma & I. 10.27.2001

This blog is dedicated to my Grandmother, Artie Mae Eaton Lee. November 23, 1928 – March 1, 2009. She dedicated her life to serve the ones she loved. She poured her heart into every meal and there was always a pot of soup on the stove for any random visitor. I learned from her. If you have a young complainer, hide the ingredient. If you add salt, add sugar too. Grandma, IF you got her to share one of her recipes, would leave an ingredient out…on purpose to mess with you (I come by it honestly) and to not give up one of her secrets. I don’t plan to do that. And IF you are one that HAS one of my Grandmother’s recipes, PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO ME!!!!


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