Ricotta Cheese | DAIRY-FREE

Started HERE with the Simple Veganista. Came up with this…

1 1/2c raw cashews
water – enough to soak or boil
1/2-1c coconut milk
1T lemon juice
1T nutritional yeast
3/4t garlic powder
1/4t onion powder
salt – to taste

1. Soak cashews for 2-3hrs. Add enough water to cover them by a couple inches. They will pump. OR boil them, which I tend to do because I forget to soak. This only takes about 15 minutes. Strain out all the water.
2. In a food processor add cashews, 1/2c coconut milk, and remaining ingredients. Blend.
3. Scrape down sides, add more milk, blend. Repeat till you get your desired consistency.

How this lasagna was put together:
1. Follow box instructions.
2. Add 1 egg to ricotta cheese above + whatever seasonings you like and even some frozen chopped spinach.
3. Use Daiya mozzarella cheese…sparingly.